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Bathroom Taps 

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Bathroom Taps

Bathroom Taps

We offer a unique range of chrome bath mixers. There is a variety of styles, sizes, colours and finishes. Our modern and comtemporary ideas of wash basin taps, sink faucet, bath fillers and shower are perfect to fit any bathroom. Our taps are made from high quality materials that provide great durability and long-lasting performanc...

Bathroom Taps

We offer a unique range of chrome bath mixers. There is a variety of styles, sizes, colours and finishes. Our modern and comtemporary ideas of wash basin taps, sink faucet, bath fillers and shower are perfect to fit any bathroom. Our taps are made from high quality materials that provide great durability and long-lasting performance. Discover our prestige range of designer italian mixers and transform your bathroom into a unique place.



  • Wash Basin Taps

    We offer a wide variety of wash basin mixer taps that match well with any bathroom style.If you are looking for a unique and functional sink mixer tap with a long manufacturer's guarantee you cam to the right place. Make up a contemporary style bathroom with our modern basin mixer taps. Create simple elegance with our traditional basin mixer taps.

  • Bath Fillers

    We offer a beautiful range of quality bath mixer tap with pillar. There is a variety of styles, sizes, colours and finishes. Discover our modern and comtemporary range of bathtub filler taps and transform your bathroom into a luxurious place. Have a relaxing filling during a bath time with our deck mounted mixers.

  • Shower Mixers

    We offer a high quality shower mixer at very competetive price. A great design bathroom shower taps with a modern and contemporary feel to suit any bathroom styles or size. Have a  relaxing and luxurious shower with your new mixers.

  • Bath Tap Collection

    We offer collection of sophisticated basin mixer taps, bath fillers and shower mixers to fit any taste and budget. Perfect ideas to complement your modern and contemporary bathroom.

  • Bath Tap Clearance

    Big sale now on more than half price on selected bath & basin mixer taps,

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  • Designer Italian Mixers

    The main concept

    We present designer bathroom mixer taps made by italian Daniel Rubinetterie. 

    DANIEL is synonym for research, design, study and technology and commits itself into spreading the “Made in Italy” all around the world. The fundamental purpose of DANIEL RUBINETTERIE is to offer a targeted and specific service to create wrapping atmospheres and furnish the bathroom zone.

    Mixer Tap made in Italy Since 1985, DANIEL produces traditional faucets and quality single-lever mixers. The company turns to a demanding market, meeting its needs through its innovative suggestions, its constant attention to the product and its service, always impeccable. Besides, DANIEL has been bringing innovation for the last 20 years, aiming at originality and caring for targeted creations in order to meet the needs of the most demanding buyers. The use of the best materials, the processing, finishing and assembling techniques, nonetheless an impeccable testing, they all guarantee high standards and a perfect efficiency.


    We selected three categories in the following finnishing: chrome, decora, sense



    Chrome plated product can resist scratches and corrosion more effectively than standard tap. You can buy with confidence knowing that Daniel provides 5 years warranty. Those chrome mixer taps instantly add a perfect conversation piece for any bathroom. Bring a modern or traditional look to your bathroom for a long time.


    DANIEL  have the peculiarity to be customized and further enriched through the various finishing and decorations. DANIEL RUBINETTERIE suggests galvanic finishing, antique, brushed, in addition to the painted classics, the latest metallic, the granites and much more. Through a patented technique by DANIEL RUBINETTERIE, they provide galvanic finishing couplings with characterizing and delicate decorations ranging from POP-art style to capricious, rounded and harmonious shapes, up to more classic damask decorations suitable for important and prestigious atmospheres. This series of decorations, smart and innovative, are the outcome of a keen study on shape, design and new tendencies.



    SENSE is a new decorative style proposed by the creative fantasy of DANIEL RUBINETTERIE. This decoration is realized on spray vanished faucets and therefore can be carried out in all the vanished colours, either matt, shiny or metallized. The resulting effect is elegant, modern, and very soft. The decoration now becomes an element in relief that enhances the design of the tap, melting into it. The vanished finishing, very much in vogue at the moment in the colours matt white and matt black but also in the various bathroom customizations, makes the mixer an object that integrates perfectly in any context, becoming a sculptural element and a tone-on-tone icon. The relief effect is a shape moulded and well visible; it surprises for its innovation and delicacy, enriching the environment. A small jewel in your bathroom. By developing a mixer on which a single tone of a colour finishing and a characterizing but refined decorative theme in relief are proposed, we feel confident that it will be well appreciated and inserted in both new and already furnished bathrooms, without any special settings . In fact, it does not necessarily need for matching elements around it but it becomes itself a design product that, by integrating with style in any bathroom solution, will enrich it with uniqueness.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items