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Bathroom Vanity Solutions
Bathroom vanity solutions are a great way to add a feature to a bathroom that is also practical. Whether you look for modern or classic styles, there are plenty of options and these units offer the practicality of extra storage when you need it most.
Wash Basins – the options
Wash basins used to be one of the less exciting elements of the bathroom – there were a few different shapes but that was really it.
Shower Enclosure Ideas
Lots of people choose to have a quick shower on a morning or evening and less frequently make use of their bath. Therefore, having the right shower enclosure can actually be more important than having the right bath as the shower will see more use.
How a Bathroom Can Help Sell Your House
If you think about the two rooms that have the biggest workload in your house, then you will likely think about the bathroom and the kitchen. For this reason, most housing experts will tell you that these two rooms are the ones that sell your house.
Fixing a Cracked Bathroom Tile
Perhaps the only downside of using tiles in the bathroom to any degree is if there is an accident and one gets a crack, it can seem as if the whole wall might need replacing. But the reality is that it can be simple to solve the problem without a large scale re-tiling project.
Creating a Luxury Bathroom
We’ve all looked at design magazines with the luxury bathroom shots and wished we could have a version of that in our own homes. But for many of us, it seems to be outside either our budget or the space that we have.
Therapeutic Baths
Therapeutic baths are used for a variety of reasons from refreshing dry skin to relieving inflammation and even helping to deal with some medications. The idea of a therapeutic bath goes back to the Roman times and even before this, with mineral springs being an early example of the idea.
Bathroom on a budget
Mention refurbishing your bathroom and people will often go a little green thinking about the money involved. And while taking out the entire room, redoing all the pipework and plastering then tiling can be expensive, there are lots of ways to refresh your bathroom on a budget.
Bathroom Maintenance
Often bathroom maintenance is one of those jobs we forget about until we notice a leak or the water in the tub isn’t draining away as it should do. But by taking part in a bit of weekly or monthly maintenance, we can lengthen the life of our bathrooms and put off the time for the big overhaul.
The Main Bathroom in a House
For years, we have all been told that the main bathroom in a house must have certain features – namely a bath! But times are changing and so too are people’s habits. The shower has taken over for many of us from the bath, offering speed that fits with our busy lifestyles and convenience of a step-in and step-out style.